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My wife and I had not gone out for dinner in such a long time because of many problems that recently come up with deaths in the family and well being of our great niece who we been taking care of for 5 years. So we went online to see if we could find a restaurant close to where we were going to be near my nieces gymnastics gym in Monmouth.

When we looked so many of the local restaurants looked so good but many were so expensive and seemed to out of reach. It was my idea to go to outback steak house because everytime we’ve ate there in the last 5 years which was only twice but it was great! My wife insisted Longhorn steak house got better reviews and was better. We had to go early because we decided to take my niece with us and go to the Lakewood restaurant.

We got there around 4:30pm. It seemed so dark in there was my first impression and I wandered why? I ordered the T-bone steak which our waitress said was real good instead of the NY strip which I usually order. Now I used to be a butcher so I really know my choices of meat and I was hoping even though it was a Tbone that it would have some filet to it and it did.

My wife ordered the rib/ steak combo and my niece had wings. Also ordered appetizers and soup and salad. Everything started out great as far as the soup and appetizers but then we got to the main course and it looked great but a started to cut into it and even though I know there’s usually a small layer of fat around some steaks some call it the trim. This steak had a least a half inch of fat around the steak plus I could tell it was the end cut because there was not so much at all filet on the other end but it was mostly fat also!

It tasted great but I began to collect more and more fat until my wife became so mad she insisted to tell the waitress who we waited almost 15 mins before she even came back to ask if everything was ok! When I told her she asked if I wanted another steak and I ask if I could change to the NY strip? Well by the time I got my other steak my wife had found what she thought was a hair that turned out to be a baster brush hair that we never even told them about but when I finally got my steak I think the manager ask me if this looked alright and I said yes even though I hadn’t tasted or cut into it. Plus believe it or not this was another end cut and once again I began to collect fat until I stopped and we had to leave.

We brought our left overs home and the next day I opened the boxes with the left overs and noticed right off the bat another hair brush strand!! I couldn’t believe it but had to wander is this why it was so dark in this restaurant?? Then now that I could see in day light I could see that this steak was definitely an end cut and I ate what was left putting aside the fat from the new steak. I have provided pictures of the hair brush strand and all the fat....

I am deeply sorry to complain like this and I’m sure that Longhorns is probably a great steak house but between us just happened to have a bad day there and maybe the restaurant needing to maybe change a few standards things could change. Thank you for letting me inform you of our time at Longhorns!

Product or Service Mentioned: Longhorn Steakhouse Steak.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $75.

I didn't like: I wrote a letter how much more do.

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"fat"I skimmed your Gettysburg address and noticed the common thing was the word "fat." If you don't want fat on your steak go somewhere that offers a kale and quinoa salad, with a beet smoothie on the side.I'm surprised that someone who owns their own joint goes to a chain place and expects a five star event.Sounds like you and your old lady went "slumming" and was looking for problems to complain about for your own amusement.Pro-Tip Eat at your spot if you want hand trimmed steaks..(_)


Sorry if you weren’t amused! I thought I was writing to longhorn not a separate complaint app.

I own a restaurant before so I wanted them to realize from the minute we walked in what I felt, from othe over dark atmosphere to the bad service,long waits,and tough meat and brush hair in food ! Sorry if I didn’t make your hit list.....

to Anthony B #1509683

Went there also and it was terrible quality meat even after You get thru the fat. There is something screwy with a steakhouse that has awful prime rib so many times I decided not to go anymore!


That complaint is far too long to read and lost my interest in the first paragraph.That food on the bone looks like the remains from a cannibal picnic.Great if you want to eat cartilage, fibrous tissue, etc.Next time you gripe, stick to the facts ; skip the intro and the emotions.Complaint : DENIED

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